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Polaroid Trips 12 – 14

By dave | May 22, 2011

My last few trips to Polaroid uncovered a few interesting areas that I hadn’t seen yet and some equipment I hadn’t noticed on my previous trips. It was a place that delivered great exploring and great pictures right up until the end. The campus has been redeveloped in to a shopping center now, with only…

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DH Studios & Chloe

By dave | May 15, 2011

See Daniel Hernandez’ work @

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DH Studios Test Shoot

By dave | April 17, 2011
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John Brown’s Body with Spiritual Rez – January 21, 2011

By dave | January 21, 2011
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Central Steam Power Plant – 2010

By dave | December 31, 2010
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Colt Firearms

By dave | December 12, 2010
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David Broderick Tower

By dave | November 30, 2010
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Polaroid Trips 7 – 11

By dave | November 4, 2010

At some point, bringing other people to see Polaroid and just going for fun started to become a reason to go, rather than just trying to photograph. On these trips, I visited the main office building. It was probably the most empty and least interesting building on campus. However, the windowed cafeteria sitting right along…

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Bethlehem Steel – Trip 4

By dave | October 5, 2010
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Delaware Power Station

By dave | August 2, 2010
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