Polaroid Trips 7 – 11

At some point, bringing other people to see Polaroid and just going for fun started to become a reason to go, rather than just trying to photograph.

On these trips, I visited the main office building. It was probably the most empty and least interesting building on campus. However, the windowed cafeteria sitting right along side rt. 128 was what inspired me to visit in the first place. I used to drive past it on my way to and from high school, and it was easy to see in as you passed by. I can’t really say that there was anything that unique about it, other than the view, but for whatever reason it was always a space I just wanted to see for myself. This building is also the only one which has been redeveloped, everything else was demolished.

Also in this set is a night shot from the building in the southeast corner of the campus. There was a different route which allowed you to park a bit closer to this building, and I made several trips at night…mostly just to sit on the roof and drink a beer or two.