Brewster Projects

By dave | December 8, 2009

These Brush Park housing projects were home to many notable people including Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson. They were also the inspiration for the claymation series “The PJ’s”. I had my reservations about visiting the Brewster projects and the drive through the neighborhood up to them did little to allay my fears.

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Lee Plaza

By dave | February 6, 2009

Lee Plaza is an impressive art deco apartment building on West Grand Boulevard in Detroit. The building ceased housing people in the 90’s and has been torn apart by scrappers since closing. Our trip to Lee was a blast. Tossing my friend Gingerella into a window while conversing with passers by was not typically how…

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Arnold Home

By dave | October 20, 2008

If I remember correctly, this was the first stop on our first trip to Detroit. The night before we had met our hosts the Survival Crackaz in person for the first time. They had hosted an excellent party which absolutely set the stage for how the rest of the was going to play out. Meeting…

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