John Brown’s Body with Spiritual Rez – January 21, 2011

By dave | January 21, 2011
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Central Steam Power Plant – 2010

By dave | December 31, 2010
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Polaroid Trips 7 – 11

By dave | November 4, 2010

At some point, bringing other people to see Polaroid and just going for fun started to become a reason to go, rather than just trying to photograph. On these trips, I visited the main office building. It was probably the most empty and least interesting building on campus. However, the windowed cafeteria sitting right along…

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Geena at Medfield

By dave | June 24, 2010
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Easy Star Allstars and Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad – June 6, 2010

By dave | June 6, 2010
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Acadian Freedom

By dave | May 12, 2010
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North Truro Naval Air Station

By dave | April 29, 2010

Much to my dismay, I discovered after hours of bushwhacking that the radome at this facility was still very much in use for tracking international flights. As soon as I heard the hum of the motors I decided I did not want to get anywhere NEAR the facility, for both legal and safety reasons, but…

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DeSisto School

By dave | February 3, 2010

The DeSisto School was an experiment in alternative education methods for gifted but troubled children. There are many accounts of former residents of the boarding school on the internet, very few of them positive. Reports of abuse and mistreatment culminate in a story of the faculty allegedly delaying treatment for a girl who swallowed a…

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Eastern Point Light – January 2010

By dave | January 10, 2010
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Central Steam Power Plant – 2009

By dave | December 31, 2009
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