Arnold Home

If I remember correctly, this was the first stop on our first trip to Detroit. The night before we had met our hosts the Survival Crackaz in person for the first time. They had hosted an excellent party which absolutely set the stage for how the rest of the was going to play out. Meeting new explorers was always fun because that’s when you got to hear the stories and see the videos that fall into the Stuff We Won’t Post On The Internet category. Being the absolute OG fucking legends of Detroit exploring (and exploring worldwide), the Crackaz did not disappoint.

“I remember feeling lightheaded…” It was at least medium-early when we explored the Arnold home and we were hung over. Hair of the dog isn’t something I can really tolerate, but there was absolutely no question of what kind of trip this was going to be. It wasn’t that long after this that we visited Michigan Central Station for the first time and somehow…a bird…one of those eagles…that lives in Detroit…knocked my tripod over and destroyed one of my cameras. Craziest thing that happened that day? Not. Even. Close.