Amsterdam, NY Warehouse

I don’t have a lot of information on this warehouse. I got a tip from a family friend that there were some abandonments in Amsterdam…that it was a one factory town and that factory had closed…and managed to confirm the info online. It seemed like a chill spot so we stopped here on our way back to our hotel in Albany to drink some beers and watch the sunset. On our way out the cops were circling the block and acting very odd but we had no problems…it seems we dodged the bullet without even trying. It was a good omen for the rest of this amazing trip.

I had scoped out this warehouse for a good spot to drink and take a few final pictures for the day. It was supposed to be an easy explore and the view from the roof looked like it should be excellent. The location and the full moon did not disappoint, and it was a great way to cap off the day before driving to our hotel. The weather could not have been more perfec

I have been experimenting with HDR on a couple of shots lately. I have VERY strong opinions about HDR…and the incredible lack of quality in 99% of HDR shots you see online…and have thus been reticent to use it despite being an avid bracket and blend enthusiast for a long time.

The thing about HDR is…it’s not that I hate the dreamy look of it so much. I do actually like some HDR shots which you can tell are HDR. I think it gives an interesting quality to the image that you can’t get any other way that I have seen. The problem comes when people rely on that special look to make the image for them, throwing out the rules of composition, etc.

This isn’t a terribly interesting shot and I know that, but I ran it through photomatrix because I thought there was ‘something’ there. The end result, as has been the result with some of the other HDR shots I’ve posted, has been a ‘vibe’ that really starts to approximate something that I get out of exploring and being in these places. Maybe it’s just because I was there, but I feel like it communicates something that I was having trouble communicating before.

In any case, I welcome feedback both positive and negative.