Kings Park Psychiatric Center

Kings Park had been on my list for some time but the distance was just a bit more than I was willing to tackle in a single day, especially considering the massive amount of exploring that lay ahead of me. In the end, it turned out to be the first place I ever traveled and stayed overnight to explore.

I made a grand total of two trips to Kings Park. The first was a relatively easy run. We explored building 7, 21, and 22 but were unable to find an entrance to the massive building 93 (my real target) before the Office of Mental Health security began patrolling at 3 PM. It wasn’t for lack of trying, but the building had scrap metal welded over every single opening and we were unable to find somewhere to squeeze in.

On the second trip I met up with a bunch of locals who I had never met before but who promised to get me into building 93. They did not disappoint. Everyone on the trip was much thinner and smaller than I was and I was told there was a tight squeeze to get in. I remember asking my guides if they thought I would make it and I will never forget their reply…”you’ll make it, but I’m not sure if your camera bag will”. Luckily we both managed to squeeze in.

We spent a nice day exploring the building, even running in to other explorers in the process…something that I hadn’t experienced since the demise of Northampton State Hospital. By the time we were ready to leave, though, OMH security had started patrolling. We tried to wait until they passed by before exiting, but became impatient and went for it anyway. Of course, they showed up immediately after 2 of us popped out of the window. Thanks to my guides, the two of us who were outside found a place to hide while the others went to an upper floor and watched what was going on. We eventually managed to escape.

Kings Park is, unfortunately, a prime example of what happens when explorers seek publicity for their exploits. The security at the hospital is now out of control thanks to an article which came out in which a couple of local explorers participated. Their goal for the article was preservation, but of course the reporter focused more on the fact that the place was a hangout for thrill seeking teenagers. The fallout from this is still being felt more than a year later and will likely be felt until the hospital is ultimately demolished.