Central Steam Power Plant – 2010

By dave | December 31, 2010
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Colt Firearms

By dave | December 12, 2010
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Bethlehem Steel – Trip 4

By dave | October 5, 2010
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Delaware Power Station

By dave | August 2, 2010
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Amsterdam, NY Warehouse

By dave | June 2, 2010

I don’t have a lot of information on this warehouse. I got a tip from a family friend that there were some abandonments in Amsterdam…that it was a one factory town and that factory had closed…and managed to confirm the info online. It seemed like a chill spot so we stopped here on our way…

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Auburn, ME Mill

By dave | April 24, 2010

This Auburn, Maine mill had been through a couple of different renovations in its time. It had remnants of industrial use, but sections of the building had been renovated into apartments as well. Squatters had definitely been the most recent tenants.

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Central Steam Power Plant – 2009

By dave | December 31, 2009
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Augusta Tissue

By dave | June 16, 2009

This tissue paper mill closed down under somewhat shady circumstances after changing owners several times. The mill was even held by the federal government for a time while the courts worked out what to do with some of the contested assets. During this time the mill was well secured and an extremely risky place to…

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Central Steam Power Plant – May 2007

By dave | May 12, 2009

Central Steam Power Plant in Fitchburg, MA was a great place to explore. It was always a reliable, interesting place to bring explorers visiting from other states or to go when you wanted to take some photos but didn’t want to deal with a big hassle. The entrance was simple but not necessarily obvious if…

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Bethlehem Steel – Trip 3

By dave | March 29, 2009
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