California 2018 Panoramas


Obviously, or maybe not that obviously because I am so bad about getting stuff online, I shoot a ton of panoramas now.  It’s the main thing I like to shoot, and when I travel most of my exploring is aimed at getting panos.  I had been shooting single row using an RRS Ball Head and an RRS rail for quite some time and I really wanted to go multi-row.  Having to take every pano with the horizon down the middle of the shot was too limiting.  I know that I need to work on adding more foreground interest and I just generally wanted to get better shots and have more control over framing and composition.

But it got expensive.  

The experience shooting the rig was, however, off the charts.  I’ve said for years that camera support is one of the most critical aspects of my kit, and my new setup definitely made a huge difference.  The last shot in the set is as close to the kind of shots I want to get as I have taken.