Augusta Tissue

This tissue paper mill closed down under somewhat shady circumstances after changing owners several times. The mill was even held by the federal government for a time while the courts worked out what to do with some of the contested assets. During this time the mill was well secured and an extremely risky place to visit. Tons of perfectly good equipment was left behind to rot, which was just another slap in the face to the many local workers who were put out of work. The paper industry in Maine has suffered numerous casualties in recent years, and this is one of them.

On our first trip we arranged to meet up with some extremely knowledgeable locals for a cold day at this mill. Our second trip was similarly frigid. Despite the depressing circumstances surrounding the closure of the mill and the freezing temperatures, this place was nonetheless an excellent explore. One of our guides had worked in a paper mill for decades and was able to explain a lot of the equipment to us. Too often, in this hobby, we are left to guess at what various pieces of equipment were used for. Having a knowledgeable guide was a rare treat.