Packard Plant at Night – Trip 2

After my first trip to Detroit, it did not take long for me to return and the Packard plant was an inevitable stop on the tour.

During my first trip, I had discovered the joy of roaming the plant at night in a small group.  Minimal use of flashlights allowed us to sneak up on other denizens of the Packard.  Suddenly turning our lights on while standing mere feet from some of the more innocent visitors was extremely entertaining.

We also had the most knowledgeable explorer I know to lead us to interesting places in the plant.  We would snake through the halls, up and down staircases, over bridges, and up to roofs.  The design of the Packard makes it seem like it would not be that complicated a place to keep one’s bearings in, but the reality of exploring it was much more exciting!  From the inside, it seemed hopelessly complex.