Michigan Central Station –

With construction finishing in 1913, this imposing train terminal was designed by one of the early 20th century’s most significant architecture firms, Warren and Wetmore, in partnership with another prominent firm of the time, Reed and Stem. This partnership is also responsible for the design of one of the most significant train terminals in the world, New York’s Grand Central Station. The similarities between the two buildings, both having been designed in the Academic Classicism (Beaux Arts) style, are apparent though it is easier to spot the influence of the two separate firms in the design of MCS.

This staple of Michigan exploring has been photographed quite a lot but, honestly, no photograph can really do it justice. To walk into something this huge and this grand that is sitting completely empty and useless is…staggering. It really drives the point home that Detroit is in serious financial trouble when you see a structure like this sitting abandoned.