Norwich State Hospital

Norwich was a popular place. Lots of explorers loved this place and always seemed to pull great pictures out of it, no matter how many times they went.

I did not love this place. It was scuzzy and empty and I just could never get really great shots. It seemed like every time I went, it was hotter than hell. There was always security to deal with. It was usually a long walk to get in and usually involved some level of bushwhacking.

Nevertheless, it was one of those places you had to go. I had made a mostly unsuccessful attempt to go by myself, but my real first trip was with a friend who knew the place very well and also happened to be an absolutely phenomenal photographer. Check out his work here. That was probably my favorite trip I ever made, because I got to see a ton of new stuff.

Over the years, I made a few more trips. On one of the more memorable, we ran in to some people in another group and that group…let’s just say they “attracted the attention of security”. All Of The Cops showed up, and we wound up hiding for quite some time. We had picked a great spot to hide so we were comfortable other than the oppressive heat, but it was still a bit of an ordeal.