Northampton State Hospital – Trip 3

At this point, I was obsessed with exploring Northampton State Hospital – I was driving 2 hours out to Northampton every weekend.  Definitely something that, in retrospect, I am incredibly happy I did.  I had a pretty short window before this place was demolished and I can truly say that I visited this incredible place as much as I possibly could.  My photography was improving each trip I took as well.  My focus on the hospital helped me to really work to make my pictures better.

Despite not getting a ton of shots on this trip, I remember it extremely well.  NoHo was a little confusing to navigate, and this was the trip where we managed to get deeeeeep into the structure and find a lot of features we knew were there, but hadn’t been able to find.  We ran in to some other explorers who were able to give us a hint where to find the morgue.