California Ξ End of the World

As I drove along Highway 1 I spotted what appeared to be a place where I could finally get down to sea-level. The cliffs were low and there seemed to be paths leading towards the edge. There was a peculiar bus pulled over on the other side of the road, and a car pulled over on my side. I noticed a fence along the side of the road, and figured that it was probably private land I wasn't supposed to be on.

I was prepared to keep driving and pass up this particular vista, but as I got closer a pair of women popped out of the car and proceeded up a set of stairs which, strangely, lead over the fence. I thought for a minute as I passed the cars and decided to make a U-Turn a couple hundred feet down the road.

I parked the Caddy and walked up to the fence. There was a small faded sign on the fence. I started to read the sign, but it was terribly faded and after a minute I thought...what the hell. The two women I saw were obviously tourists and there was no one else around for miles. I proceeded up the stairs over the fence, and passed the women on my way towards the water with a "hello".

I soon realized that I was, once again, going to be unable to get down to the water. That disappointment soon faded when I saw the lines of waves rolling rhythmically into the U shaped bay. Each set of waves was so clearly defined and stretched perfectly across the bay. Big Sur is filled with places that I thought only existed in my dreams. Around every corner there is another spot where I could spend the rest of my life watching the water.

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