California Ξ Gilded Hills

After sitting for a while listening to the tumbling rocks and pounding surf, I decided it was time to put a few hard miles on the Caddy before the sun set. I packed my camera gear, turned off the traction control and accelerated southward again. I caught up to a more appropriately sized Miata taking a spirited run through the 20 MPH hairpins perched on the edge of the massive cliffs and managed to keep up despite vocal opposition from the tires.

After miles of "just one more corner" I happened upon a gas station which made me feel a little better about the tenuous relationship between the Caddy's gas indicator and the number of miles back to Monterey. Filling the tank with four dollar and thirty cent regular unleaded I realized that I needed to be in a good spot when the sun started to set. It seemed as good place as any to turn around, so I reluctantly helmed the Caddy northward again.

The binders burned and I swear I caught a faint scent of sweat coming from the HVAC system as the nearly 4000 pound car slid to a stop in time to catch the golden haze of this California sunset.