Color Ξ Night on the Cranes

Sorry, this is, perhaps, not the greatest photograph I have ever posted. It's just a reminder of a very very special place to me that is now gone.

The night I got onto this particular crane (which I hadn't done before) the harbor patrol came into the inlet just to the left of the empty drydock and sloooooooooooooowly crept along. I laid on the rusty, corroded roof of this crane for probably 20 minutes trying to be invisible. Amazingly, the cops never showed up. I was SURE that they had spotted me.

The cranes were demoed last spring and it is honestly the biggest exploring loss I have ever suffered...bigger than Northampton State Hospital, the first place I ever explored. I used to go down to the cranes with a couple of beers on a Friday night and just hang out. It was a really great place. I climbed those cranes in insane ripping winter wind and on beautiful summer nights. I miss them terribly.