DeSisto School
The DeSisto Schhol was an experiment in alternative education methods for gifted but troubled children.
Gate of Heaven
Gate of Heaven was the gym of a former urban catholic school.
Jane Cooper Elementary
Jane Cooper Elementary is a former elementary school situated in the middle of what used to be a decent residential neighborhood. The entire neighborhood has been demolished, leaving empty roads and urban prairie with the school standing like a monument to the neighborhood which used to surround it.
Kloss Technical Institute
Kloss Technical Institute is an incredible abandonment. It is a monument to the incompetence and waste which pervades our government today. In a city where industry is drying up, jobs are hard to come by, and the future is uncertain massive amounts of school supplies are left to rot. TV's, lab equipment, text books...all just abandoned. Sometimes explorers can get too carried away with the usability of things left behind but in this case it was a real shame to see. Everything that was left was in absolutely fantastic shape.
Spring Garden Elementary
Situated in...not the best neighborhood in Philly...we parked nearby and made a quick entrance. On the way in, as I literally had one leg in a window and the rest of me was dangling precariously outside, a couple kids rode past on bikes and one of them literally looked me right in the eye. I told my friends this and we debated leaving, but the neighborhood made me suspect that calling the cops wasn't a really popular way to solve problems around we stayed and had a great time shooting the school.


No matter what city you visit, there is almost always an abandoned school somewhere. Sometimes there are many of them. Unfortunately, it seems when hard economic times hit schools are one of the first institutions to suffer.