Brooklyn Subway Tunnel Ξ SubBrooklyn

The day after the steel mill I met up with my new friend again in Brooklyn to go and see a tour of the Atlantic Ave Tunnel, the oldest subway tunnel in the world. The tunnel was built in 1844 and rediscovered in 1980 by Bob Diamond, pictured here in the orange vest leading one of the tours. According to Bob, the tunnel was the subject of many rumors and urban legends over the years, and pretty much everyone had disregarded it's existence as a fairy tale.

The story of the tunnel's construction, abandonment, and rediscovery is absolutely fascinating, and I encourage anyone reading this to check out the Brooklyn Rail site and to go take the tour some time. If nothing else, the site of a line of people disappearing into a manhole in the middle of Brooklyn is a site to behold! There is an ongoing fight to keep the tunnel accessible to tours and to excavate more of what is there, and people's presence on the tours is one great way to show the city that this piece of history is something that people are interested in, and something that belongs to the public.