Plymouth Cordage Ξ Vast Indoors

I finally found the second flight of stairs and caught up with my fellow explorers. I then took the stairs to the second floor to get a nice clear shot of the absolutely massive mill. Unfortunately, while I was upstairs, I once again lost my companions. I began to search for them, and wound up walking to the far end of this massive room (which is bigger than it looks in the picture) trying to find them.

After a while I realized that I should check my phone, and when I did there was a new text message. The message informed me that security was outside and that we had to go...NOW! We were unable to leave the way we came in since our path was blocked, so we wound up jumping out a window which was an entertaining venture to say the least. We managed to escape relatively unscathed and made our way to one of the seedier local establishments for a celebratory beer. In between the bartender hacking up a lung and yelling at her dog to shut up, we agreed that it had been one of the most intense days of exploring we had experienced.