Glenwood Power Station Ξ Belly of the Beast

Massachusetts doesn't have a lot of really huge abandoned power plants, so entering this huge generator hall was definitely a treat. It is very empty and somewhat vandalized, but I was too overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the space to care! The craziness of the day, the incredible decay of the structure of the building, and the long drive I had to endure only made it that much more sweet to set foot in the heart of the aging power station. This was a type of abandonment I hadn't really explored before, at least on this scale, and it was incredibly exciting to finally reach this point and be in something so massive and so utilitarian. This building was at the same time functional and beautiful and it was a unique thrill to get a look at something which can so easily be identified with "progress" in the 20th century.

In any case, I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks to everyone who looked at my site throughout 2007. I don't have the most popular site on the internet, but I have an incredibly consistent amount of people who look at my work on a daily basis and I really really appreciate it. I would be doing this even if no one saw my work, but its gratifying to know that there are people out there who appreciate what I'm doing and take the time to look! The numbers I see in the statistics for my site motivates me in a very real way to keep posting regularly, keep exploring, and to keep improving my craft. I photograph to express myself and to learn about myself, but knowing that people are looking really makes a big difference to me. It keeps me working and pushing myself to produce and to get better. Thanks to all the other explorers, friends, family, RSS readers, and the people who take the time to leave comments on my site. I really do appreciate it.

I have plans to enhance this site that I really hope I can finally execute in 2008. Difficulties with software and a lack of time have just been making me put things off. I am so dedicated to the photography, but just haven't put in the time on the site itself to get it where I want it to be to make it a deeper, more rich, and more polished experience. Hopefully that will change this year! Either way, I'm really looking forward to another great year of exploring. I already have months and months of shots sitting waiting to process, including stuff from one of my three favorite abandonments of all time. I also have ideas for trips to some exciting locations in the keep looking!