Bethlehem Steel Ξ Pulmonary Lines

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Welcome to everyone who has been visiting the site from StumbleUpon! You have been burning up my referrer logs and I appreciate it. You picked an excellent time to visit. Over the next week I will be posting some of my favorite photos that I have ever taken, of one of the most beautiful places I have ever explored.

My first trip to this steel mill blew my mind. The history of the place, the huge blast furnaces towering above me as I walked around, the amazing light streaming into the forest of metal, the colors and geometric designs which seemed to pop out around every was instantly one of my favorite places that I have ever explored. So, when a friend of mine said she was going to make the long trip to see the place, I knew I had to go again. I felt drawn to this place like an iron filing drawn to an enormous magnet.

The day we were to go was almost too good to be true. The chilly autumn air necessitated warm clothing, but the skies were deep blue with only a few patches of clouds. I arrived at the location before any of my friends, and took the opportunity to hike down the tracks that were the mill's vein's and arteries when it was in operation. An endless freight train stretched the entire length of the tracks that I walked.