Bethlehem Steel Ξ Dwarfed

MAJOR UPDATE! Some of you may have noticed small changes on the site over the last couple of weeks. I have been in the process (at long last) of adding location based subcategories to my site. I changed the "Abandonment" category to "Urban Exploration" to better reflect the different aspects of what I shoot in that area. Under Urban Exploration you can now browse pictures by the type of location and the actual location name (or a pseudonym in some cases). This should make the site much more user friendly and maybe answer some of the questions I get in the comments as well. I have been very busy at work lately, but when as I get time I will be trying to flesh out the category descriptions and add more historical information and information about my trips there.

In addition to the categories, I have finally added a desktop background section which I will hopefully be adding more to soon.

There are probably still loose ends to tie up and a few bits of design that are a bit kludgy and need to be looked at again, but this update has been a VERY long time in the making and I am happy that it is finally live.