Bethlehem Steel Ξ Cold Steel

So, yea, the night before I shot the pictures in the cemetary we climbed the blast furnaces.

Our group had dwindled severely on this particular adventure. There were 5 of us hanging out this weekend, but only 2 of us made the climb. The choice was, continue drinking at the hotel or sneak past railroad security, over running freight trains, through a pitch black maze of dangerous catwalks without the ability to use flashlights, down railroad tracks in full view of site security and up flight after flight of scary metal staircases, all before a massive cold front was due to sweep through the area later that night. Not a real tough choice for most, I think, but this was what we had come to see. The weather, until the cold front arrived, was perfect and we were ready to go!

Despite numerous setbacks along the way, the adventure actually went incredibly well considering that we had very little current information on what was happening on the site. Luckily our local guide was able to give us critical information that saved us from a less pleasant outcome.

Such is my obsession with Bethlehem Steel...