Amsterdam NY Warehouse
I don't have a lot of information on this warehouse. I got a tip from a family friend that there were some abandonments in Amsterdam...that it was a one factory town and that factory had closed...and managed to confirm the info online. It seemed like a chill spot so we stopped here on our way back to our hotel in Albany to drink some beers and watch the sunset. On our way out the cops were circling the block and acting very odd but we had no seems we dodged the bullet without even trying. It was a good omen for the rest of this amazing trip.
Auburn Mill
This Auburn, Maine mill had been through a couple of different renovations in its time. It had remnants of industrial use, but sections of the building had been renovated into apartments as well. Squatters had definitely been the most recent tennants.
Augusta Tissue
This tissue paper mill closed down under somewhat shady circumstances after changing owners several times. The mill was even held by the federal government for a time while the courts worked out what to do with some of the contested assets. During this time the mill was well secured and an extremely risky place to visit. Tons of perfectly good equipment was left behind to rot, which was just another slap in the face to the many local workers who were put out of work. The paper industry in Maine has suffered numerous casualties in recent years, and this is one of them.
Automotive Industry
Structures involved in the manufacture of automobiles.
Baker Mills
The Baker and Forbes mills were constructed in 1891 and 1911, respectively. They provided employment for many people in the Dorchester area producing Baker's Chocolate for many years. The brand was acquired by General Foods and in 1962 the company decided to consolidate their operations and move production to Delaware. Employees were given the option of transferring to the new plant, but only a few took this option. The closing of the mill contributed to an economic downturn which continues to plague the area to this day.
Bethlehem Steel
The iconic Bethlehem, PA plant of the Bethlehem Steel Company.
Boblo Terminal
The former shipping and Boblo Island terminal on the Detroit River.
Delaware Power Station
A massive power plant on the banks of the Delaware River in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, we didn't have any information on how to get in to the place, despite the fact that it was supposed to be open for the first time in months, so we just got a couple of night exteriors and moved on. It was, nonetheless, really cool to see this epic place in person after years of seeing pictures online.
Eastern Market Warehouse
A cold storage warehouse in Detroit's Eastern Market district.
Finchburg River Power Plant
A small local power plant.
General Ship
General Ship & Engine Works was founded by Byron Carl Hedblom in East Boston at the beginning of the Great Depression. Mr. Hedblom had, coincidentally (at least as far as this site is concerned), been an employee of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation before a dispute with management caused him to part ways with his former employer. General Ship acquired its first client in 1932 when the shipyard was tasked with converting the burned out shell of the former Boston Floating Hospital into an oil tanker.
Glenwood Power Station
Glenwood Power Station is a huge, impressive industrial structure constructed in 1906. The inside is dirty and dangerous to explore, but the pure size of the structure makes it worth the trip.
Iron Horse
Iron Horse is a massive Boston and Maine Railroad repair yard. The structure contains many interesting machine shop tools, but unfortunately the last remnants of train parts, a few massive engine blocks, have been removed along with the rusting rail cars left in the yard.
Lehigh Valley Farms
Demolition had already begun on parts of this former Dairy plant, but the building was nonetheless quite interesting to explore.
Merrimack Paper Company
Former paper manufacturing company in Lawrence, MA.
Plymouth Cordage
The ropewalk, first opened in 1885, manufactured cordage for everything from no-tangle rope for the harpoons of whaling ships sailing from New Bedford to the rigging for America's Cup yachts to cowboy's lariats.
The iconic Waltham factory of the famous manufacturer of instant film and cameras was left abandoned when that line of business became unprofitable. What was left behind were purpose built buildings with a maze of pipes and specialized machines used for processing and producing film.
Richmond Power Station
Built in 1925, Richmond Power Station was a coal fired power plant constructed to feed Philadelphia's growing demand for electricity. The plant operated for 50 years and closed in 1985 except for a few minimal operations during periods of peak load. The architecturally significant plant is now heavily decayed, endangering it's future usefulness.
Roberts Brass Manufacturing Company
Our first stop on our third Detroit trip, this former brass manufacturing company was decimated, a shell of a prosperous company with a long history.
South Boston Warehouse
A former Navy warehouse associated with shipbuilding and repair.
St. Nichloas Coal Breaker
The St. Nicholas Coal Breaker was built in 1930 and began operating in 1932. The breaker was the largest in the world at the time of its construction and was actually two coal breakers in one structure. The breakers were capable of producing 12,500 tons of coal per day for Reading Anthracite.
Uniroyal Tire Company
Former manufacturing site of the Uniroyal Tire Company.


Industrial abandonments are probably the easiest type of structures to find and access. Nonetheless, over the years they have also become one of my favorite types of structures to explore. Old mills are usually easy to access and relaxing to explore. Larger industrial abandonments often contain interesting old equipment and, in some cases, used to manufacture products that we have all used at one time or another.