Alistair Hotel
This Spanish Colonial Revival style hotel was one of a number of hotels serving guests in this town, famous for it's hot springs and mineral baths. Throughout the late 19th century and on into the early 20th century, this town was a hot spot for the well heeled and famous who came to enjoy the alleged benefits of the springs. The area was also a very popular getaway for Hasidic and orthodox Jewish families, and was part of what was known as the "Borscht Belt". Ed Koch, former mayor of new York City, served as a busboy at the hotel in 1946.
Lee Plaza
Lee Plaza is an impressive art deco apartment building on West Grand Boulevard in Detroit. The building ceased housing people in the 90's and has been torn apart by scrappers since closing.
The Pines Resort
The pines resort was a swanky Catskills hotel.


Various houses of lodging and leisure. Abandoned hotels can be a hilarious window into the decor of the past. Nowhere else are the trends and fads of the past as apparent as they are in hotels. It is always interesting to explore these structures because they provide a very clear contrast with what has changed between the recent past and today.