We had heard a fair amount about this place before we went. Stories that lights had been left on, that workers had been spotted inside, etc. Nonetheless, we wanted to see it so a group of us decided to take a ride and check it out. Despite having GPS it took us most of the day to find the area where we were supposed to park, leaving less time than we would have liked to explore the building.

After a short hike we found an easy way inside, only to discover a maintenance log indicating that the building was regularly patrolled. We did some quick math and figured out that there didn't seem to be any entries from the day of the week we were there, but this was not much consolation on an active campus with lights burning brightly in the building. The building did not have a particularly complicated design either, meaning that we had to listen carefully for footsteps that weren't our own and try to hide or leave quickly if we heard anything. Things were a bit tense, but the place was interesting!