Imagine my surprise when I swept my flashlight accross this monster in the near-pitch black darkness of the institution's decaying power plant. This seemed to be some type of boiler encased in a partially destroyed furnace. The metal would be heated turning water inside to steam which was then piped up to drive turbines on the next floor. The vexing part of this was how and why this particular furnace was destroyed. The others in the room were in tact, but somehow the front of this one was ripped off, and no trace of debris remained in the room.

After clearing some boxes and other junk from the inside of the furnace I was able to set up a shot. I used light painting to illuminate the furnace. This was another near-first for me. Light painting is a popular technique with urbex photographers, but I hadn't experimented much with it. When I was shooting film I used to use a flash to create ghostly silhouettes or highlight aspects of shots, but never as the sole source of illumination. It took some experimentation to find the proper time to paint the subject.