Belchertown State School Ξ Good Advice

This is the first shot from another series at another Abandoned location. I have been trying to work on better and more precise composition, and more abstract subject matter. This was really the first trip where I did this and I found that it was VERY time consuming. Using the 20D's viewfinder to create really precise compositions proved difficult. I have been thinking about a 5D for this reason.

This location has a lot of ugliness in it's past and I was largely unaware of that when I went here. I think this helped me with the abstractions I was trying to shoot (as well as helping me have the balls to walk around pitch black buildings by myself). I've been thinking a lot about what my photos of these places actually convey, and where the feeling or lack thereof comes from. There's always this balance of what is versus what was. Existing in these places today has a very distinctive feeling. People have told me in the past that I have done a good job conveying that feeling, but I wonder whether I could do a better job conveying what was without having to explain it with words. I think in some ways abstractions can be more deliberate in what they give the viewer, but most of the abstractions I see people shooting give you something similar. Oh well, just something I've been thinking about as I try to improve.

As I was taking this shot, staring at the sign encouraging safety, I was standing on a wood floor that was soaked through and rotten, on the third floor of a building with relatively high ceilings. After a few attempts at this shot I was ready to move on to what seemed to be a collapsed section of roof, but the floor was just too sketchy to cross, especially without someone watching me. Usually you can find where the studs are (which if I remeber right were metal and looked solid) but I was unable to find the hard spot in the spongy floor. Discretion was the better part of valor in this case. The rest of this building was very dark and not that exciting.