People Ξ Girls Gone Wild on LSD

After leaving Lincoln Park I decided that I wanted to take another run at seeing Haight-Ashbury. The Haight-Ashbury Street Fair with bands and food and all kinds of madness had prevented me from finding a parking space earlier in the day, but it was getting late and I hoped that things had died down a bit.

When I got there and started circling for parking I noticed that the bands had packed up and the street fair seemed to be winding down. I finally found a parking space by Golden Gate Park near the end of Haight St. and walked through the park towards the street festival. I had heard that big drum circles tended to form on Hippie Hill, and I was not disappointed. A decent sized group of drummers had gathered, some with elaborate instrumentation and were playing in the park. Nearby, a DJ had set up turntables and speakers as well.

I was standing around listening to the drums when I began to seems to be dictating my itinerary for this trip, so what in god's name am I here to shoot? What had drawn me to a place with zero in the way of interesting scenery or architecture? What defines the character of this area, and why the hell had I come here to take pictures?

The answer was obvious. It is undoubtedly the interesting people that make Haight-Ashbury what it is. It is the first, and perhaps only, thing you notice when you go there. I decided to try and shoot some candids, despite not having been very successful shooting them in the past. Luckily, I had stuck my seldom-used 75-300 in my bag before I left...