Color Ξ Popcorn Sky

I wanted to take a break from abandonments to post the pictures from my trip to California while it was all still fresh in my memory. I am a good two months behind my shooting with one of my favorite locations ever still to post, though, so explorers and fans of abandonments...fear not!

I was sitting at my desk one day when out of the blue I got an email from my boss asking me whether I would be interested in some training in San Jose, CA. My coworkers told me that San Jose was not the most interesting town to visit, but a quick look at Google maps let me know that San Francisco was just an hour away! I had never been further west than St. Louis, or further south than Florida, so the trip would be the farthest from New England I had ever been. The training sounded like it was aimed right at some things I am working on (I wouldn't hit my company up for a trip if it wasn't worth going there for work purposes) so I decided to make the trek. I flew out on Saturday leaving me one night and two full days to explore before the training began on Tuesday. With a red-eye back to Boston on Wednesday night, I was on a tight schedule and determined to see everything I possibly could!

The only window seat I had was on the first leg of my trip, from Boston to Dallas Fort Worth. The seats on the McDonnell Douglas Super 80 were tiny, and I was unable to get my camera out in time to catch some gorgeous Thunderstorms on the way into DFW. I did manage to get a few shots out the window when the guy in my row got up for a minute and I was able to pop my enormous camera bag out from under the seat.