Color Ξ I Love Detroit

I remember standing on the fire escape of the Book tower and my buddy (local) looking out over the city and breaking the silence saying, "I love Detroit, man". I thought to myself, "I do too". This city has definitely earned a special place in my heart.

Standing on that fire escape was one of those electric moments that gets burned into my brain forever. I remember it like it was yesterday. It's why I explore. People may explore bigger or crazier or riskier things but I can't imagine having much more fun than the night we did the Book. Thirty six motherfucking abandoned stories...all yours to do as you wish. Its like being king of the city.

I took this shot hanging out of a window that barely opened. I had to cram my tripod through, then cram myself halfway through, and set the tripod up on the ledge outside. It was a very dodgy proposition that was just begging for me to drop my camera and tripod 36 stories to the pavement below.