Automotive Ξ Ferrari F40

If you grew up when I did, you should recognize this car instantly. It's a Ferrari F40, and it was "the" car in every driving game...unless you were one of those jerks that liked the 959 better of course...

Before last weekend, I had seen one of these cars in my entire life. We were on a bridge that crossed a highway and the F40 came from behind us...I pulled over to watch it pass. At Lime Rock last weekend, I saw 3 of these cars. This is the best looking/best detailed and most original one of the bunch, though seeing any F40 is incredible to me. My friend (who you can see ruining my picture at left) who has been before said that it was the first year he'd seen any F40s there, so I guess I got lucky. Seeing this car was definitely a dream come true.

The one disappointment was that I didn't get as many great pictures of the car as I would have liked. I got none of it driving on the track, and the ones from the staging area were so-so. My brand new, unused 580EX mysteriously refused to work before I left for the weekend and I had planned to start experimenting with fill flash here. Luckily, the camera's built in flash did a pretty decent job of making this shot work. I really do need to experiment more with fill flash because the shots I took from this same angle without it were no good.