Automotive Ξ Ferrari

This is the last of 5 entries I have published tonight since I will be away for the next 9 days on vacation. I can't beleive I got this far ahead...the automotive stuff was so easy to process in comparison to shots of abandonments. No bracketing and blending, one exposure shots that I can process like a normal photographer. What an incerdible relief is's like I'm already on vacation...

In any case, I plan to come back with all my memory cards (and maybe some new cards) busting with photographs. I have some new tools to play with and I really hope I can get a lot of good stuff. I hope to be doing a lot of landscape stuff and maybe some more traditional photography subjects. Then when I return, I want to go explore some new hopefully this should be a busy 2 weeks of shooting.

I won't be around to approve comments for a few days, but feel free to leave them. I appreciate and leave them all and will approve them on my return. Thanks for looking!