Architecture Ξ Jesus has Front Row Seats

As I was walking around taking pictures outside the church a man started talking to me and told me I should go take pictures inside. He didn't really look like he was associated with the church in any way. There were men in suits coming in and out of the doors but this guy was dressed like he was going to a ball game or something. Nonetheless, it sounded like a good enough excuse to me so I went inside and started shooting. I felt a little uncomfortable in combat boots and the other dirty clothes I had donned to make an attempt at an abandonment after stopping at the church, but I'm never one to refuse an opportunity.

Unfortunately, I didn't quite have the nerve to set up my tripod, so the shots are a little grainy and I didn't get as many usable ones as I had hoped. I took my shots, dropped a couple bucks in the collection and went on my way. No one ever said a word to me about shooting there, so hopefully I can go back and make a better attempt at it.