Michigan Central Depot Ξ Empty Offices

While I was taking pictures, though, there were whispers that one of our intrepid Massholes was being overcome with a rare and serious Bourbon allergy. Bad vibes washed over the group as we watched our companion lapse into fitful alcoholic sleep.

We spent some time hemming and hawing about how best to help our stricken friend. The possibility of lugging his limp frame down four flights of unsafe stairs did not seem realistic without at least SOME help from him and so we nervously waited. Our host suggested that we use the time to visit the roof of the massive terminal, volunteering to babysit our disabled companion while we went. This seemed to be a harsh and uncaring move on our part, but before long snoring began to emanate from the dust pile upon which our friend lay. This seemed strangely reassuring, so we agreed to make a quick visit to the roof.

The upper floors of MCS are mostly set up as office space. Good sized rooms adjoin a central hallway which runs the width of the building.