St. Alfredo Hall Ξ Symphony

This was a tough one.

Photographs of this place were popping up on the web, but I had no idea where it was and no one was posting the type of shots I needed to be able to start figuring out where it was. People in the exploring community are protective of locations, and I tend to enjoy the challenge of finding a place myself over asking someone where it is anyway.

I mostly put it out of my mind, until a few months after I had first noticed it an explorer put up a shot that was taken from the roof which showed some easily identifiable landmarks. An hour or so later I had managed to get a general idea of what neighborhood the building was in using the 3D buildings feature in Google Maps to triangulate. The next day I jumped in my car and managed to zero in on the building. Amazingly, I had already marked the buildings in Google Earth based on some research I had been doing online. The theater I had been stalking for so long was just another set of GPS coordinates I hadn't had time to check out yet. I didn't have time to make an attempt or really investigate the building, so I resolved to return at a later date.

It was a week or two before I had the time to investigate the theater more closely. I spent an hour or so skulking around the perimeter trying to find a discreet entrance in the dense urban neighborhood. I was mostly there to investigate, since it was freezing out and I was sick as a dog, but I spotted an open door and could not refuse the temptation.

What I could refuse, though, was the two story drop into the dull blackness of the theater's basement that lay just inside the doorway.

The theater I had wanted to see for so long was sealed up tight as a drum, except for a wide open door that was totally unusable. Exploring can be an exciting hobby, but what a lot of people don't understand is that patience and disappointment are also a big part of it. If you really want to see something you have to be prepared to put in the effort required to see it, and sometimes the effort required is waiting.