Jane Cooper Elementary

We had been dying to see this school, more because of the decimated neighborhood it was situated in than because of the actual structure itself. We arrived and my friend, a local, said he was probably going to wait outside and to "be careful". This particular friend is not given to being overly cautious, and when he told us to "be careful" I took the warning seriously. I was definitely on edge as I roamed the empty halls, and my hand drifted to the knife clipped to my pocket more than once as I rounded a corner or entered a room. Luckily no crazed junkies or wild dogs were present on this day, though, and our time here was peaceful.

It should be said that there is a prosperous factory situated just behind Jane Cooper, which offsets the tragic look of the abandoned roads and empty lots which surround it. However, no one can see this place and not come away with a sense of horror about what is happening to Detroit.

Helen St.
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Dark and Dangerous
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