Uniroyal Tire Company Ξ Big Bridge

Unfortunately, I was too short on time during both my trips to this place to be able to find the entrance to this huge bridge. I was high enough up in the other building that the bridge went to, but the floors were far too unsound to find the entrance. There were metal plates on the floor that gave me enough confidence to walk around a bit, but they were not in the right places to be able to see the bridge entrance.

The building in the photograph was absolutely massive, but I was too short on time to see the upper floors of it on either trip. I plan to return at some point to try and see the rest of this building. I cannot remember off hand whether the upper floors were wooden or not, but with sturdy bracing and not too many broken windows, I suspect that they will be in much better shape and traversable. The question is: is the bridge still safe to cross...