I am just god damn disgusted right now.

I spent quite a bit of time and energy building a RAID 5 array for my photography. I figured that this would be a good, reliable, way to store my stuff (I have other backups as well). I lost the parity on the portion of the array I use for stuff that's not too in progress, archived jpegs that I uploaded here, etc. This has happened before and it hasn't been a big deal other than 20+ hours of disk crunching to restore redundancy. Well...this time not so much. My entire "Processed Images" folder, which holds works in progress, was just empty when I came home today. No indication of why, no ability to undelete. So I have now lost months and months of group shots, as well as days worth of work on shots from my most recent Detroit trip.

Unreal. I didn't lose anything that can't be recreated (I have my Finished Images and RAW files on another portion of the array as well as multiple backups)...but I definitely lost a LOT of hard work.

In any case, I am just too disgusted to work on the stuff from the paper mill I was posting before this, so I am moving on to my PREVIOUS Detroit trip from last March. I misunderstood some settings on my new camera on this trip, but I think I still got some good shots. Enjoy.