Richmond Power Station Ξ Gothic Turbines

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god I think Im finally back.

I didn't actually WANT to spend a boatload of money on a new computer, but uhhh...yea...that happened anyway. The new i7 chip is mega fast and I am even getting better transfer rates from my RAID stuff. The biggest thing I am excited about is that I can add another 8gb of RAM now (this board actually supports 24gb), but that will happen when I pay off all the crap I already bought.

Anyway, I wanna thank everyone who is reading this and still checks my site even though I have barely posted lately. I know most of you read via RSS so it's no big deal to still have my feed in your reader, but I appreciate it anyway. I started this site nearly 5 years ago now and I think that might be the longest stretch of not posting since I started. I use the site (and the numbers of unique IP's that hit it) as motivation to make photo a part of my daily life, and it's been really upsetting not to be able to post.

Special thanks to the people who always throw some words of encouragement my way. There are a lot, but just especially the people who left comments during The Great Computer Fuckup of 2010...

Dave Dillon who's a great friend and honestly one of my favorite photographers ever.

Ken Mac who always leaves me tons of comments and encouragement. Thanks a ton man!!

Navi who is another great friend, a badass explorer, and always leaves me awesome comments too. still don't have a website but thanks anyway.

Unclepill yet another awesome friend and awesome photographer!

Michael Rawluk who has left me comments for years

...yea. There are tons more awesome people who check my site, I can tell from the stats, but I just wanted to especially thank those regular commenters who left comments while I was out. It helped to have some comments come in while I was unable to means something to me and it helped me fight the urge to burn all my computer shit and just not photograph anymore. So thanks.