Polaroid Ξ Pipes

I guess it's finally time to start posting these.

I am heading out for a trip tomorrow, so I don't have time to fill in the full story of this place just yet. Needless to say, though, it was the subject of a brief, fervent, and perhaps obsessive exploring binge this past winter. Many of my friends joked that I was addicted to the acrid chemical fumes of this iconic film production plant. In truth, though, there were many factors which combined to create a place that I just could not get enough of. I had always been aware of this place, as I passed it nearly every day on my way to high school, and the idea that it was now abandoned was almost too much to bear. My excitement when I first heard about it being empty was overwhelming. The inside of many of the buildings was also incredibly unique...unlike anything I had explored before and will probably ever explore again. There were COUNTLESS interesting and surprising new areas to discover.

Another undeniable factor in my love of this place was pure adrenaline. I'm sure that many people would be surprised to hear that, because it is relatively quiet up at this campus, but the place was a complete unknown to me. I had no way of knowing what the security situation was, if there even was one. My first trip to campus, which this shot is from, was with a friend, but most of my trips were made alone. When you combine solo exploring with the fact that almost every trip I took here happened to coincide with a major blizzard, you have a recipe for excitement. The blizzards and long trek through the woods to reach the buildings gave the place an incredibly eerie, isolated feeling. I could not help but think of the movie Alien as countless terrifying noises echoed through the black halls of this place. Water was slowly seeping into the buildings and produced insane banging noises as it hit the sheet metal of various equipment at the factory. I can remember on two separate trips being absolutely positive I heard voices as I huddled alone in the dark, but there was never anyone there. Never, that is, except for the one time when they were actively demoing buildings on campus and I decided that was not going to stop me from going.

Like I said...I was a bit obsessed.

The day we attacked this first building was like so many of the other days I went here in that there was a blizzard going on. At least 8 inches of new snow was on the ground with more coming down by the minute. We were exhausted just getting to the building, much less actually getting inside and exploring it. I really have to thank my friend Jackson for coming with me on this trip despite it being a somewhat daunting task with limited rewards. It set the stage for one of the best exploring runs I have ever had in my life.