Polaroid Ξ Hosed

Im back! Holy crap. I can't even guarantee I will stay back, but after a month without a working home PC I think I may be online again. The new motherboard seems to be holding, but the moment I booted the new board my monitor completely shit the bed. After about a half an hour I got it to calibrate but the red gun is completely maxed out while the blue and green are all the way down. Hopefully it will hang on until I can get something else.

Had a lot of other troubles in the mean time. Got my car broken in to in Philadelphia and my other car has problems as well. Nonetheless I had a very successful 4 state photography trip which will eventually make it up here. I finally hit a MASSIVE place that I have been wanting to hit since I started exploring, and it did not disappoint.

Thanks to anyone still reading this. I hope I am back for good...or at least for another 3 years and change of consistent posting.