Polaroid Ξ Chemical Towers

My third trip to Polaroid was my second outing with my 5d mkII and the first time I brought my tripod, now that I was confident enough in the security situation to travel a bit heavier. As luck would have it, though, the demolition crews were working that day despite the late hour at which I arrived and the massive blizzard which was in progress. In a fit of hubris, or possibly just insane stupidity, I made my way through the woods to a point where I could cross the construction road without being seen and darted across. I trudged through a good foot of snow and into the building.

Having brought my tripod, my mission was to photograph the many machines which were in areas too dark to shoot hand held. This was my first target. This room was a MASSIVE chemical storage area. The yellow machine in the middle was clearly designed to move and replace chemical drums from the blue storage racks. This was one side of the room, and there was an identical storage setup right next to this with an identical yellow machine to retrieve the drums. The water filtering through the buildings made an ugodly noise when it hit the various pieces of sheet metal which made up parts of the rack, which put me on edge. For all I knew, there could be workers in the building with me and the noise made it impossible to be confident that they weren't right around the corner.