Iron Horse Ξ Industrial Diamond Sky

After the Public Health Museum we went to one of our favorite regular spots and were rewarded with some of the best lighting conditions I have ever seen there. I shot a couple of panoramas to try and (finally) capture the size and feeling of the place. I am having some trouble getting them to stitch but hopefully I can post them here soon. In any case it was fun, as it always is, and one of my fellow explorers who was new to the place was able to help me solve the mystery of what one of the massive machines there was. Unfortunately, I only have a pic of a tiny part of the machine (which is here) online. He thought, and on closer examination I agreed, that it was most likely a massive hydraulic press meant to press locomotive wheels on to their axles. This made sense given that it was down the line from the wheel shop and this beast which he thought looked like it was designed to finish locomotive wheels. There were actually two machines, one apparently to finish the inside of the wheels and one to finish the outside.

I will try to get more pictures of these things online at some point. One of my goals for this site is to give a more rich experience to the exploring aspect of my visits to these places. I may even end up posting non "art quality" pictures, in addition to more text, to round out the experience of being at these places. The blog will remain solely for artistic purposes though.