General Ship Ξ Wet Stairs

The job was a fucking nightmare, because Boston harbor is a polluted shithole to this day. The water quality has improved dramatically with the construction of the Deer Island sewage treatment plant, but you can't pump raw sewage into a harbor for all those years and expect it to be cleaned up overnight. So there you'd be, out in 100 degree heat, sun reflecting off the water, cleaning humid cabins and there would be the cool refreshing cesspool of a harbor beckoning you to swim...but you knew you couldn't One guy, Phippie, used to swim in it...but I mean...he called himself Phippie...he obviously had some form of brain damage. It was a brutal job, punctuated by moments of unbelievable awesomeness: they'd do a corporate event and there'd be tons of free beer left over...a sunset ride in the indestructible Boston Whaler "Night Time" to go chase down a boat and tow it in. It was almost enough to make you forget the smell of a porta potty or how many winch pawls you still had to grease or trackstops you had to install.