General Ship Ξ Cranes over Boston

I carefully scanned the harbor for the patrol boat before ascending the crane but as luck would have it the INSTANT I reached the platform of the crane there it was again. This time, it was RIGHT off the end of the drydock. It was literally 20 feet off the end of the pier, incredibly close by. I dropped and laid down on the crane thinking I was busted for sure. I thought that the boat might even pull up and allow one of the officers to hop off and keep me from escaping.

Luckily for me, the great magnet was watching out for me and SOMEHOW the boat did not spot me. I immediately descended the crane again and dropped back in to the drydock. I waited for some time, debating what to do. How could I not be up on the crane for sunset and some night shooting? I was already out here...

Up the crane I went, for the third time, after once again carefully scanning the harbor for the State Police Patrol boat. Just before I climbed I spotted a car with its parking lights on facing me over on the fish pier, but I was far too deep into this experience to worry about that shit now. FUCK THEM...I was going back up that crane.