Amsterdam NY Warehouse Ξ Quiet Light

I have been experimenting with HDR on a couple of shots lately. I have VERY strong opinions about HDR...and the incredible lack of quality in 99% of HDR shots you see online...and have thus been reticent to use it despite being an avid bracket and blend enthusiast for a long time.

The thing about HDR's not that I hate the dreamy look of it so much. I do actually like some HDR shots which you can tell are HDR. I think it gives an interesting quality to the image that you can't get any other way that I have seen. The problem comes when people rely on that special look to make the image for them, throwing out the rules of composition, etc.

This isn't a terribly interesting shot and I know that, but I ran it through photomatrix because I thought there was 'something' there. The end result, as has been the result with some of the other HDR shots I've posted, has been a 'vibe' that really starts to approximate something that I get out of exploring and being in these places. Maybe it's just because I was there, but I feel like it communicates something that I was having trouble communicating before.

In any case, I welcome feedback both positive and negative.