The Pines Resort Ξ Grand Hotel Staircase

The lower lobby of the hotel was flooded, and had ice hiding under the water in many parts making for a somewhat slippery situation. This was one of those spaces that I just found it hard to frame for some reason. There was a lot I wanted to photograph, but it was difficult to get things to come out.

Photoshop is an incredible tool...the possibilities with it are just limitless. I got into a mode of doing very little processing this winter, which was kind of going along with my shooting which I feel had become kind of constrained and lacking freedom. I'm trying to bust out of that a bit. I had been toying with the idea of shooting some film and having it cross processed (processing negative film in slide film chemistry) and yet for some reason the thought of trying it in photoshop never occurred to me. The film-purist will certainly see huge gaps between this and real cross processing, but the effect is what I wanted for the shot. I took one look and knew this is how I wanted the shot to look. It fits with what I perceive as the character of this hotel.