Seaside Regional Center Ξ Weather Vanes and Gray Skies

On my first trip to this place I was unable to find an entrance to a rather odd lighthouse-like building on campus. The building I did get in to was excruciatingly boring. So boring, in fact, that after leaving here I attempted a somewhat high risk location on my own out of frustration and a desire to do something worthwhile with my day. I had assumed that the building I didn't make it in to was just as boring as the one I was able to get in to. However, after seeing other explorers' pictures online I decided it was worth another shot. A group of people I know was planning a trip so I decided to tag along.

I'm starting somewhat in the middle of this set with a couple shots I took off the roof. Taking to the roof was not the smartest idea since one can definitely be seen walking around up there, guts no glory. The temperature was freezing and the wind was gusting to 25 or so but fortunately I had dressed for the occasion. Feeling the wind trying to tear me off the roof and smash me to bits on the ground was disconcerting at first, but overall it was a vivid and invigorating experience...definitely one of those moments where I was glad that I explore. No safety rails, no ropes, no second chances...just me versus a gray, blustery winter day. Is there any better time to be by the ocean?